November 2018

Gee & Alex at East Keswick Village Hall


It was windy, it was wonderful & it was most certainly gin fuelled.  Gee & Alex had officially tied the knot a couple of days earlier, so the whole day was beautifully relaxed.  And as for the speeches - they were long - but they were amazing.    

Gee & Alex at East Keswick Village Hall2018-11-22T13:35:40+00:00

February 2016

Day 6 C9 Forever Living


Survived up to day 6 of Forever Living's C9 plan.  Feeling good with great energy and 6 lbs lost so far. After flirting with various different diets over the years - but only ever really sticking to one (Atkins 2003, loosing nearly 2 stone) the fog is starting to lift and I'm realising that perhaps [...]

Day 6 C9 Forever Living2019-03-11T11:39:41+00:00