February 2016

New York Burger Kitchen


Best Burger in Leeds? Best nightlife in Leeds? These are just a few of the accolades thrown the way of Leeds based New York Burger Kitchen and Brooklyn Bar. In this short film, owner Matthew Jones tells us why his split venue bar and restaurant is proving so popular with both locals and visitors alike.

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Ambiente Tapas


Opened in late 2012, Ambiente Tapas has taken Leeds by storm. In this short film, owner Tim Sinclair and his staff show us how the restaurant ticks and what's made it such a roaring success.

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Day 1 C9 Forever Living


It's 10 weeks to the wedding and still half a stone to loose it's time to try the Forever Living C9 cleanse plan. Will it work? I'm pretty starving 13 hours in...

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Day 6 C9 Forever Living


Survived up to day 6 of Forever Living's C9 plan.  Feeling good with great energy and 6 lbs lost so far. After flirting with various different diets over the years - but only ever really sticking to one (Atkins 2003, loosing nearly 2 stone) the fog is starting to lift and I'm realising that perhaps [...]

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January 2016

Food Academy


The now sadly defunct Food Academy.  Set up by Leeds City College as a training ground for the next wave of super chefs..! Beautiful building now host to The Man Behind The Curtain.  

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