Would just like to say what an amazing job Kathryn made of our wedding video. Truly wonderful and very professional. Can not thank you enough, can’t stop watching it. Nice to have had such a genuine, caring, friendly person on board, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. xxx
Michelle & Phil Wesson
Cannot recommend this lady enough, absolutely fantastic, xxxx
Sharon & Carl Sanderson
Wow kathryn!!! That is absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you so so much.
Hannah Audley

I love a good wedding and enjoy shooting them almost as much as being a guest.

It’s a really great honour honour to be part of your special day and I take the responsibility very seriously.  As every wedding videographer says – my style is unobtrusive.  I do get in there amongst your guests but use a smaller camera when gathering those shots.  It has excellent stabilisation so works fantastically without a tripod. Weddings from the North was born from Leeds based independent production company The View from the North.  We are most commonly known for our popular, prime time industrial and architectural history documentaries with the late Fred Dibnah (ask your parents)! When children arrived on the scene I realised that the direction of the company needed to change. It’s wonderful spending weeks away filming all over the country at amazing locations, but it quite simply doesn’t work with young children. Hence the birth of Weddings from the North.  Saying that though – anyone who wants to take me to Barbados for their wedding – I’m in! The role of the videographer, in my eyes is to capture what is naturally happening on the day.  The photographer may ask you and your guests to do weird and wonderful things but I won’t.  I’ll be there to capture whatever happens but not to try and influence it. Professional video and sound equipment is used to shoot your wedding and Apple’s Final Cut Pro for the edit.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me for a no obligation chat.

A fantastic video which has caught all of our happy memories from our very special day. Kathryn was great to work with and captured some really special moments that will be forever treasured. Especially those moments that we didn’t get to see ‘first hand’ on the day. Perfect touch for our lasting memories and great quality too. Thank you so much!
Mr & Mrs Davies
Absolutely love this video Kathryn, thank you so so much! I’m in bits but absolutely thrilled with it. You were amazing and this is such a special way to remember our day. Thank you for everything xx
Amy Wardell